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Turtle Truck Trailer Fleet Parking Dallas Fort Worth

About Us

The idea for Turtle Truck Trailer Fleet Parking popped up after recognizing how scarce truck parking was and noting the problems that the parking shortage created for drivers. We decided to start with lots in Texas where there is a high demand for parking. We all know that 2020 brought an increase in eCommerce sales. This increase in sales brought an even higher demand for semi-trucks, which resulted in a higher demand for parking. Our current lots have almost 400 parking spots combined. We are a small business here to solve big problems. When you reserve a parking spot through us, you are supporting a small business! Not only do we want to provide parking for semi-trailers, but we also want to provide a premium service. We want to have the best security, the best customer service, everything you need in a semi-trailer parking lot, and more. We value customer safety above all else.

who we are
who we are

Why Turtles?

Scarcity: Most turtle species are endangered. Similarly, there are not many truck parking spots currently available.

Navigation: Turtles have a great sense of direction and have what is essentially an internal GPS. Truck drivers need a GPS since they travel across the US to less familiar places for a living.

Longevity: Turtles have the longest lifespan with the oldest turtle still living at 188 years old. Parking will never go away as we will always need a place for vehicles and storage trailers while they are not being used.

Prehistoric: Turtles have been around since the dinosaur age and the transportation/parking industry has always been around; it just evolved and looks different now compared to centuries ago.

More About Turtles

Slow-Paced: The first thing people think about when they think of turtles is how slow and easygoing they are. Truck parking is similar in that parking lots allow drivers to rest and break from the exhaustion of driving long distances.

Non-Sedentary: Turtles, specifically sea turtles, are always on the move and so are drivers.

Protected: Turtles have their shell while we have safety features to protect the lot and your trucks.

Adaptive: Turtles are found everywhere in the world except Antarctica. Transportation is needed EVERYWHERE, which means we need more parking everywhere.

who we are
who we are

Conservation of Turtles

Our connection to turtles goes deeper than the turtle's relation to our company. We care about the conservation of turtles since many species are endangered. Conservation organizations are putting plenty of effort into preserving the species of many turtles. While not everyone has time to spend hours helping turtles, donations are another way people can help.

Giant Tortoises

Large tortoises are among the longest-lived animals. Some individual giant tortoises are thought to be over 200 years of age, but this is difficult to verify because they tend to outlive their human observers. Giant tortoise is a herbivorous animal, spending much of its time browsing for food in its surrounding well-vegetated environment. The Zanzibar government, with assistance from the World Animal Protection built a large compound for the protection of the animals. Support by giving to the World Animal Protection organization.

who we are
who we are

Nature Conservation

The International Union for Conservation of Nature placed giant tortoises on the Red List of Threatened Species. Tortoises continue to be brought to the island of Changuu from other locations for conservation, where there is a dedicated foundation on the island which looks after the tortoises' welfare. Visitors are able to observe and feed the tortoises. Help by donating to the IUCN or by visiting the island.


Turtle Truck Trailer Fleet Parking

Are you Looking for: Truck Parking, Truck Parking Near me, Monthly Truck Parking Near Me, Big Rig Parking Near Me, Truck and Trailer Parking Near Me? Fleet Drop Yard? Do you have parking problems? Do you need Industrial Outside Storage? We provide safe secure parking for your trucks and trailers in the Dallas - DFW Area.

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Call us at: (214) 325-1306.

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Who We Are

We are people who care about wildlife and environmental conversation such as; the world's oceans, tortoises, the vast species of turtles both land and sea, to name a few. Why turtles? We are raising awareness for conservation, protection, and efforts in saving endangered species and decided to name the company after turtles!

Turtle Parking

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Turtle Parking

Sea Turtle Hospital Store

Turtle Parking

Turtle Conservancy

Turtle Parking

Sea Turtle Hospital

Turtle Parking

Protect Animals

Turtle Parking

Conserve Nature


Here's What You Get

Easy Access Off Interstates

Clean and professional lots right off of interstates, convenient locations near DFW Dallas, Texas.


Safe, fully fenced, well-lit yard, security cameras, automatic gate, and individual keycode access.

Easy Maneuverability

The lot's entries and exits are extra large and designed with large Trucks & Trailers in mind.

Plenty of Parking Available

Many Truck & Trailer combo spots and Truck-only spots.

Smartphone Gate Access

Open and close the gate from the comfort of your drivers seat with your own smartphone.

Large Parking Spaces

Our spaces are 13' x 80' allowing for plenty of room between units, making it easy for you to back in, pull out and open & close your door.

24/7 Access

24/7 365 access. You can come and go as needed. Monday through Sunday.

Dedicated Spaces

Every space is clearly marked and dedicated to your equipment. No need to search for a parking space.